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Video Production
Our services offer professional solutions for all budgets.
Content representing your brand needs to match your professional image. The temptation to do-it-yourself using consumer video equipment may be strong. A rule of thumb is if viewing your d-i-y video results in the comment, "That's pretty good considering I did it myself." Don't use it. This is your brand, don't settle for good enough.
What We Do
  • company overview video
  • facility tour
  • interview
  • testimonials video
  • sales video
  • attorney video
  • website video
  • internet marketing video
  • promotional video
  • training videos
How We Do It
All videos require preparation. When we first speak we will be asking a lot of questions to understand your goals.

We will also ask about your budget, which can be uncomfortable, but this way we can find solutions to accomplish your vision within your budget.

If your production is quite small it might be possible to discuss details over the phone, but most projects benefit from a face to face meeting. We are able to walk your premises for strategic planning.

Some videos need more planning than others and all planning helps make the actual video shoot more time efficient.

You can rely on our experience and creativity to bring your vision to the video.
Where To Begin
Every video needs to have a script—a plan. Whether doing on-camera speaking or a voice over the script is your message to your audience. Don't know how to write your script? Let us know—we can help.

Photo inserts are widely used in videos. Professionals who provide services away from their business offices have a portfolio of completed projects; before and after photos; veterinarians have photos of their animal clients, etc. These work well to tell your business story.

Opening and closing titles are critical for contact information. Captions are a great way to highlight important information.

Preparing to create a video is a simple step by step process and we’ll make it easy for you.

What We Do
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