Video Production Techniques

Our services offer professional solutions for all budgets.

The Power of Video
People have come to expect

high quality video.

Businesses don't have personnel with the skills and resources in-house devoted to creating a video.

When we meet we'll have the opportunity to get to know you as we discuss every facet of your video from scripting, staging, lighting and editing to handle your video efficiently and with attention to detail.

Your video might convey any or all of these:
  • Products
  • Services
  • On Location Interview
  • Mission Statement
  • Corporate Message
  • Tour Your Facility
  • Testimonials

The Message of Video
If a picture paints a thousand words, statistics tell us a 60 second video translates to 1.8 million words. Business videos have exploded into an essential interactive marketing tool. Ten years ago a video was a novel idea, today business


are fast becoming a must.

Businesses need to take every advantage to promote their product, service or message using a video. Beyond the words of your message people observe your body language. They begin to feel they "know" you before you meet. It's a great ice breaker!

Whether your video is simple as a one person interview or more elaborate with multiple setups or crane shots or logos and graphics/titles we've got you covered.

The Movement of Video
When you're ready to put together your video you'll be considering movement.
  • Crane and Jib Shots
  • Location Interview, Two Light Setup
  • Creating a Studio Setting on Location
  • Tripod and Dolly Shots, Existing Light
  • Photograph Inserts
  • Music and Voice-Overs

Use photo inserts to tell your
Opening and closing titles are critical for contact information. Captions are a great way to highlight important information. More about types of shots.

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